Guild GC was founded by two real estate industry veterans to challenge the current state of the building business. We are a group of experienced builders and businessmen who are very passionate about great design and efficient building. Everyone here shares a dedication to protect and preserve the environment while maintaining uncompromising standards of quality.

Today, it is common practice in the Building Industry to partition projects for delegation to various specialists and contractors. The result is often teams working at cross purposes with uncoordinated results. Our overreaching goal at Guild GC is to align the interests of all parties involved in our projects, and through this integration, achieve increased efficiency throughout the construction process. Our team methodology is where the shared knowledge of our designers, managers, contractors and artisans are integrated into one collective effort. The result is consistent success. Our projects are not only well designed but functionally efficient and sustainable as well as affordable.

Our founding principles:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency

Our approach:

  • Unite all participants under one liability umbrella
  • Deliver accounting transparency with open banking
  • Streamline administration and information sharing through technology
  • Employ skilled teams of dedicated craftsmen motivated by pride
  • Apply sustainable principles and practices to all projects

Here at Guild GC, we employ our own trusted craftsmen and artisans, who have extensive experience and training in their various trades. Although financially attractive, subcontractors are often not in alignment with the best interests of the project; scheduling, overall costs and quality can be more difficult to control. Our team approach gives better continuity to the process, resulting in cost and time efficiencies and more importantly, the ability to maintain a consistent vision throughout any project, regardless of scope.

Our diversity enables us to resolve building challenges over a wide spectrum of project types and our experience enables us to do so without compromising our vision. What we have created here is a construction process that is lean and efficient. Pre-construction is coordinated by our multi-disciplinary group of professionals. With over 30 combined years of professional licensed contracting, our focused passion is to create quality, everlasting designs that are environmentally conscious. Trusted teams of artisans see our projects through to completion, while our customers enjoy the freedom to participate in the process to the extent they choose. All of our team members at Guild GC share the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and the same commitment to meeting our client’s needs.

At Guild GC, we feel strongly that clients should have ownership in the construction process because their vision is the unifying theme of the project. Our duty is not only to keep that vision intact, but to express it creatively and elegantly. Our uniquely integrated approach enables us to maintain our goals and ideals throughout the construction process and gives us an unprecedented ability to produce true modern masterpieces of design.